Our 12 month Weight Loss Program is based on the CDC’s Diabetes Prevention Program, an evidence-based, research-proven strategy for decreasing the risk of developing Diabetes and for losing weight. It is a hybrid format: part online and part in person.

Lifestyle Innovation, Transformation and Reclamation

If you’ve found this page, or it found you, you are ready for change. What we offer is as revolutionary as you make it. Twelve months to innovate, transform your routine, reset and reclaim your life and your habits. The 12 month weight loss program is proven to be more effective at long term weight loss than shorter programs.

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Our goal is to help you live your best life through healthy living. We believe living your best life feels energetic, confident, motivated, rested and ready to experience life through a healthy body. 

The Weight Loss Program is based on guidelines developed by the National Institutes of Health and the Center for Disease Control to improve health and decrease the risk for diabetes with a lifestyle change program. Multiple research studies have demonstrated that this Lifestyle Change approach results in long term success. It works! Act now.

Our “hybrid” program is part online, with content absorbed at your convenience, and part in person, with meetings in Tempe, AZ, approximately every two weeks for one year. Orthopedic Sports Therapy is affiliated with Sweet People Club, an online health and Diabetes educational company, which provides the online content: high quality nutrition, dietary, diabetes prevention and lifestyle change information in the form of weekly videos, articles, blogs, and other resources. You can access the members only website content at your convenience very helpful for the busy schedule. The in person meetings are held approximately every other week in Tempe, AZ, and include personalized interaction with a Lifestyle Coach for accountability, instruction in how to exercise safely, cook healthily, overcome food barriers and implement the healthy lifestyle changes needed for losing weight and keeping it off. This combination of online convenience and personalized attention is ideal for people motivated to lose weight and improve health, but who have restricted and/or tight schedules.

Commit to live your best life. Act now.


Hybrid Format

This course is a combination of online webinars, blogs, articles created by the nationally recognized health educators at Sweet People Club and local in-person meetings in Tempe, AZ, with our Lifestyle Coach for support, accountability, more in depth information and how to apply it to your life.


Weight Loss Course Topics:

The following will be covered in the course, introduced in the online videos and brought to life with the in-person sessions, held in Tempe, AZ.
Understanding Food Nutritional Value
Three Ways to Eat Less Fat and Fewer Calories Without Being Miserable
Integrating Exercise into Your Life in a Fun, Safe and Effective Manner
Being Active - Making it your way of Life
Take Charge of What's Around You and Solving Problems
What are Fats - Saturated, Unsaturated, and Trans Fat
Healthier Recipes -- Modifying recipes
Eating with More Variety and Balance
Staying on Top of and Increasing Your Physical Activity
Handling Holidays, Vacations, and Special Events to Prevent Relapse
Stress and Time Management
Heart Health - Diet & Cardiac Health