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"These guys are the best! Very friendly and knowledgeable. They work hard for you, and make sure you are working hard for yourself. I have been with them for a few weeks now, and I have seen dramatic improvements already - a feat which my previous PT was unable to achieve. You get specialized, individual, focused appointments as well as a friendly PT who can coach you and answer any questions you have!" -Justin S.

"Incredible experience" -Susan B

"If you're looking for a great physical therapy clinic I can't recommend Orthopedic Sports Therapy enough. I became a client due to a chronic urinary/prostate/pelvic floor problem that had persisted for several years. After a couple years of painful and frustrating testing and unsuccessful medications my doctors had essentially given up on me. My girlfriend found OST for me as they are one of the very very very few places that work on male pelvic floor issues rather than female pelvic floor problems (most places only will accept females for pelvic floor problems for whatever reason). I feel extremely lucky to have found Pam not just because she actually accepts male clients but because I accomplished more towards resolving my symptoms in a couple months than I did with my doctors over the course of several very long years. My life is immeasurably better for having found OST as I have been able to return to working, traveling, exercising, hiking, sitting through an entire movie without having to leave the theater, as well as a dozen other things that I couldn't do before I began treatment. This place gave me my life back in a way that I never thought I would have again. Thank you!” -Joseph R.

"Cole was awesome! I went in because of daily headaches caused by neck problems and now thanks to him I only get the occasional headache. He is very professional and friendly and has a great sense of humor. I gave him a hard time about "torturing" me but the truth is he was great about stopping a certain excercise if I said it was too painful. He was always careful about not making it worse. I can't recommend Cole and the entire staff enough, they were all great. I know where I'll go if I have any future problems." -Pam A.

"I've been receiving PT from Pam (2 days a week for the past 3 weeks), and she has been amazing. Though I have always been an active person, I've never been injured and never been to PT, so I have had LOTS of questions and concerns. Pam has patiently, thoughtfully and thoroughly explained the "what" and "why" behind all of the exercises prescribed. She is very knowledgable and professional, and celebrates my progress with me each session. With her help, I'm hopeful that my time in my brace will be decreased. I highly recommend her! Thanks Pam!" -Tanjela S.

"About 5 weeks after bilateral knee surgery in Florida I had to make a 2 week trip to Tempe and continue my knee Therapy without interruption. Found OST on the website, called them and in a matter of minutes, I was able to learn much about there therapy and was satisfied that I would get the same treatment I was getting in Florida. Actually, it was even better. They worked with me one on one exercising the knee range of motion and related muscles and pushed me to the limit. During the 2 weeks I was in Tempe they significantly increased my range of motion and knee strength and made sure I was able to work the exercises at home between visits to OST. During the visits they engaged me in conversation, probably to take my mind off the exercising but also, to keep me informed as to what we were trying to accomplish. Very professional. Highly recommend OST and I think everyone undergoing weeks of rehabilitation would benefit greatly from the one on one sessions." - Ted W.

"I tore my ACL and had an allograft (cadaveric tissue) used as my new ACL. Before surgery I was a very active and athletic person (at least I would like to think so) playing basketball, racquetball, volleyball, hiking, you name it. The point is I was very agile and very quick, the worst part about having a major injury is knowing that the future will be different. ANYWAYS, that's the background story to this eval. After my surgery I obviously needed PT as some may argue PT is just as important as the surgery itself. I wanted a place that was going to bring me back to my full capacity, whatever it was given the injury. I was recommended to this site by some friends and I'm glad I was. I worked with both Pam and Ryan for over 6 months, both have their own personalities and styles and both are great: 1) Its 1 on 1 so super intimate and there is no rush 2) They listen to your concerns and absolutely act on them, additionally, if you are slacking off or being stupid they will tell it to you straight, which is fantastic. Honesty in healthcare is soooo important. 3) They know their stuff and are staying up to date on the current practices and research that is taking place in the PT world. They give you the proper tools and raise your capacity to strengthen yourself. 4) They are very flexible, they work around your schedule (within their given work schedule obviously) and genuinely try to do what is best for you. I will warn you that they're getting busier and more popular as time goes on, so jump on it quickly yo. 5) While their treatment is focused on you, or part of you, they also take the time to get to know you as a person, and because both are great people you enjoy your experience with them. Some thoughts on the whole site: Shawna and the staff that take care of all the administrative affairs of the place are great, they are flexible, work with you to change appointment times even if last minute, and will often take care of all the communication needed with your insurance company if need be (which mine did multiple times). If you're wondering where I'm at now, it's been about a year since my operation, I can run, sprint, cut, and jump. Orthopedic Sports Therapy is a great place to go for PT, they will take great care of you. If I did it again I would absolutely work with them again. Hope this helped." - Ashkon M.

"I was very skeptical about starting Physical Therapy for my injured knee. I was referred to Orthopedic sports therapy by a friend. Reluctantly I called and set my appointment up for the next day not knowing what to expect, boy was I surprised. The entire staff was absolutely incredible from the new girl Heather who had only been there a couple days to Shawna who was able to answer all my questions about my insurance with a smile on her face to the actual therapist Pam. Pam is the best. It's obvious she loves what she does and takes pride in it. She is caring and compassionate. I will be referring this facility to all my friends and family. 5 stars for me!" - AJ S.

"I was referred to Pam by a friend. I knew my hip was hurting, limiting my walking and inhibiting my swimming. But I had no idea how much pain I was really experiencing. Why do we learn to live with pain and not realize that it is getting worse. Pam has been amazing! With a few weeks of therapy and home exercises (yes, you have to be part of the solution - they are reasonable and not overwhelming) my pain was reduced and I realized I was in more pain than I thought. I can say after working with Pam, my pain is gone. If I feel like my hip is starting to hurt again, which is rare, I have the tools to nip it in the bud and keep it away. I am so grateful for Pam and what she has done for me! The office staff is friendly and efficient, I feel like I'm visiting with friends when I arrive. Even if you have some hesitation with physical therapy, as I did, I HIGHLY recommend you give Orthopedic Sports Therapy a try. I know you will be glad you did!" - Janine B.

"Pam was recommended to me by a friend. I have been in PT before, and never seen great results, so it took me a while to finally make an appointment. I have been completely amazed by Pam's knowledge and techniques! Pam and Ryan, only see one patient at a time, so you get one on one care for the entire appointment. If you are in need of any type of PT, then this office is the place to go!" - Peggy M.